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Wooden Hanger

Wooden Hanger

Advantages of Wooden Hanger

Using Wooden Hanger can keep the clothes intact and wrinkle free, and ensure that the clothes are not damaged.

Wooden Hanger can make clothes fuller and more three-dimensional.

Wooden Hanger can be used longer.

What should I do if the Wooden Hanger is moldy?

1. When the Wooden Hanger is moldy, first use a clean soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent or special furniture cleaner to remove it. Then lightly smear a layer of furniture wax or furniture-specific essential oil on the moldy part, and put a piece of soap or a gauze bag full of dried tea residue on the moldy place to help eliminate the moldy smell.

2. We can take measures in advance in the environment to ensure that the indoor environment is dry, and minimize the opening of windows when the air is relatively humid. If the indoor air cannot circulate, the windows can be opened at noon or afternoon, or some charcoal can be placed indoors. Helping to dehumidify can effectively prevent the production of wooden hanger mold.

3. You can also install the Wooden Hanger at a distance of about 1 cm from the wall, so as to avoid the intrusion of moisture in the wet season. Regular waxing of the Wooden Hanger can effectively avoid the production of mildew on the Wooden Hanger, and increase in the wet season. Cleaning and maintenance of Wooden Hanger.

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