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Every one of us will have a shoe rack in our home to hold the shoes we replaced, so how should we find a good shoe rack for us to use?

First of all, make sure that our family has a large population, and we need more shoe racks or more layers to place more shoes.

If you are a family of three and there are not too many shoes, then you need a 3-layer shoe rack or a 2-layer oak shoe rack.

If you have more shoes in your home, you can use a four-layer stainless steel shoe rack.

Below we provide you with specific family shoe rack selection methods

How to choose a family shoe rack

  • 1. Size selection. Choose the size of the shoe rack according to the number of shoes. There are many shoe rack sizes. Friends with a lot of shoes can choose a larger shoe rack, and friends with fewer shoes can choose a smaller shoe rack. What suits you is the most important thing.

  • 2. Material selection. Please take off your shoes when entering the door. Shoe cabinet shopping tips at a glance. Shoe racks can be divided into wooden shoe racks, metal shoe racks, and plastic shoe racks according to different materials.

  • 3. The placement point is also the basis for purchase. Because plastic shoe racks and wooden shoe racks cannot be placed in direct sunlight, they are easy to age and dry. Therefore, if the shoe rack is placed in an outdoor area such as a balcony, it is recommended to choose a metal shoe rack for longer service life. If placed indoors, you can choose plastic shoe rack or wooden shoe rack.

  • 4. Purchase according to indoor style. Generally in the current home decoration, the shoe rack is usually directly designed by the designer during the design and wrapped in the decoration. In the bedroom, some ready-made shoe racks are purchased to store shoes, generally wooden shoe racks and metal shoe racks. It is more durable, so you can choose from a long-term perspective when buying.

wholesale shoe rack

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