Garment Rail

Garment Rail

Garment Rail is available with rollers and without rollers. The clothes hanging rail can be placed in bedrooms and clothing stores to place clothes, saving space for activities and ensuring the flatness of the clothes.

Classification of Garment Rail

According to the material

  • Metal Garment Rail

  • Solid wood Clothes Rail

  • Industrial Pipe Garment Rail

Divided by color

  • Black Garment Rail

  • White Clothes Rail

  • Golden Clothes Rail

  • Wooden Garment Rail

Divided by purpose

  • Heavy Duty Garment Rail

  • Ordinary clothes rail

Hot Selling Garment Rail

  1. 6ft Long Clothes Rail

  2. Metal clothes rack with clothing hanging rack organizer

Custom Garment Rail

EISHO can provide you with high-quality Garment Rail and provide you with better solutions.

Garment Rails For Sale

We can provide wholesale clothes hanging rails, if you want to purchase garment rails, please contact us.

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