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Clothes Pegs/Washing line

The structure of the peg airer is very suitable for drying small items at home, such as reusable cotton swabs, reusable wipes, socks and underwear. Peg airer are also very suitable for drying herbs, flowers and plants.

Peg airer features

Peg laundry airer for socks, smalls or baby clothes.

Clips to a washing line or airer.

Always sits horizontally so washing dries properly.

Fold in half when not in use, folding involves saving space.

Material: plastic, wood, stainless steel, PEG

Type: towel peg, clothes peg, dryer hanger 24 pegs, dryer hanger 18 pegs, strong peg without metal.

The combination of peg airer and clothes drying rack is more conducive to family use!

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