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Clothes Airer/Drying Rack

EISHO Co., Ltd. provides clothes drying rack wholesale, which makes it easier to organize clothes or other items. Wholesale drying racks, you can enjoy classic discounts and discounts.

When you choose clothes drying rack wholesale, we can provide you with different specifications of clothes drying rack, you can choose according to your needs. We have the best price and high quality for clothes drying rack wholesale.


Suitable for laundry items of all sizes thanks to clothes drying rack adjustable wings.

Includes a shelf which is perfect for drying delicate laundry flat.

Folds flat for easy and space efficient storage.

Protective caps minimize the chance of damage to your floor.

Transport lock ensures the airing rack is easy to move even when loaded with laundry.

Made of durable corrosion resistant materials to ensure a long life.


1. Uses: It is used for drying clothes, especially for drying quilts, and the drying rod can be stretched.
2. Suitable for balconies, most laundry rooms, outdoor.
3. Retractable, foldable, easy to place.

4. Even loading: 40kg, please keep the general habits to achieve the longest service life.
5. Heavy load, suitable for drying the whole family to wash, two separate drying, suitable for drying baby clothes.

Which type of drying rack do you need?

How to choose a suitable drying rack?

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