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Bamboo Hanger

Making of bamboo hangers

The bamboo hanger of the utility model mainly includes an upper and a lower bracket; it is characterized in that the upper and lower brackets are formed by a single layer or multiple layers of bamboo sheets mounted on a mold and formed under a cold or hot pressing state. The joints between the stents are matched and corresponding in structure, and fixed with adhesive. The structure is a triangular connection type, a circular hole or groove connection type, a counterpart connection type, a hook arc bracket type, an arc shape, a wing-like shape, a circular ring shape, and a circular ring radial shape.

Bamboo hangers are hangers made of bamboo.

The utility model relates to a bamboo hanger, in particular to a bamboo hanger which is made of bamboo poles or bamboo boards and is formed by cold pressing or hot pressing at a time and has a low manufacturing cost.

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