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How to Choose a Suitable Drying Rack?

Nov. 21, 2020

As a necessity of family life, drying rack is an important part of daily home. A good drying rack can not only meet the needs of our lives, but also enhance the happiness of our lives!There are many drying racks on the market. How can I choose the best drying rack for myself? The following drying rack suppliers teach you how to choose a suitable drying rack.

There are currently three types of drying racks on the market: floor-standing drying racks, fixed drying racks, and elevating drying racks. According to the working principle, the lifting type is divided into a hand-operated drying rack and an electric drying rack. You can choose according to your purchasing power and functional requirements.

1. Floor drying rack

Advantages: small footprint, movable and foldable, low price, and can be used with other types of drying racks.

Disadvantages: small bearing capacity and not strong enough.

Suitable for people traveling and living in apartments.

2. Fixed drying rack

Advantages: cheaper price, simple shape, strong and durable.

Disadvantages: Inconvenient operation, and there are requirements for the height of the balcony.

It is suitable for southern areas with high humidity and low-end communities.

Floor-Standing Drying Rack

3. Hand drying rack

Advantages: simple operation and high cost performance.

Disadvantages: short life span, troublesome maintenance, and laborious manual work.

Suitable for a family of three or a family with less clothes to dry.

4. Electric drying rack

Advantages: save time and effort, meet all clothes drying needs at one time.

Disadvantages: higher prices.

Suitable for families with many families, worry-free and trouble-free.

Eisho wing type floor-standing drying rack is a good choice.

1. "The compact drying rack has a total drying space of 16m. The two layers can hold many clothes and shoes. The compact drying rack can provide better airflow and reduce wrinkles.

2. The oven can be placed flat and dry, and it can be easily folded for storage when not in use.

3. Two-layer dry space is 16 meters, sturdy frame, non-slip feet, can prevent scratches on the hard floor. 3. Fold and flat, easy to store, space saving, large capacity.